We always went to twelve-o’clock mass before going to my grandparents’ house on Sunday: that’s what you did. Seven of us crammed in the turquoise Dodge Polara. Youngest and smallest, I had to sit directly behind the driver’s seat on somebody’s knees.

Pope John XXIII and Vatican II had relaxed…

Six weeks and we’d be through with seventh grade! Three other girls and I had spent the last half hour hiding near the old white farmhouse. Screened by of budding gooseberry bushes, our eyes were zeroed in on its diamond-shaped attic window. I handed my homemade, cardboard periscope to Shirleen…

Thursday afternoon was exhausting. I stopped by the doctor’s office to pick up some paperwork. After many arduous steps, my journey to donate a kidney to my dying, twelve year old nephew, I was about to cross the finish line. I felt elated, and was telling my doctor so when…

My Mother is on the Left — This photo was taken in Lake City, MN in about 1917.

My mother was born in Lake City, Minnesota in 1916. (She had many children. I was born when she was 46 years old.)

Near the end of her life, I gave her a list of 95 things she taught me. You may agree. You may disagree.

Here are some of…

Sworn to fun and fancy free,
away from home, fresh out of school,
roommates, and both twenty-three
still slaving in the typing pool.

Each armed with Cosmo’s bag of tricks,
plus a Liberal Arts Degree.
We rang in 1986 —
the apex of modernity.

We lived on salads, dreams and…

A modern twist on an old classic, just for fun.

Sleeping Beauty’s a tale of a princess of yore,
it’s a classic love story we’ve all heard before.
The Frenchman Perrualt was the first to compose,
Brother’s Grimm wrote a version they called ‘Briar Rose.’
Tchaikovsky adapted it into Ballet,
and Walt Disney’s version is well known today.
To be true to my conscience I…

In recent years, mass media apologies by the rich and famous have become de rigueur. Yet if we listen closely, a lot of those over-played sound-bytes are pathetic attempts. While we may find some solace in thinking ourselves superior to those in the public eye, the apologies we give and…

We’re all bound by personal perceptual filters that have just about everything to do with how we interact with others. As a communication consultant, I’m always on the lookout for simple, effective exercises to demonstrate this point — ideally at the “icebreaker” stage.

I recently saw a video of Agile…

Left Alone, Creative Blocks Take Care of Themselves.

You write? What fun!” Non-writers tell me before they start free-associating about the manuscript they plan to write “someday.” I listen politely. What point would there be in disabusing them of the notion that working on a manuscript is as easy and “creative” as decorating a batch of sugar cookies…

Caroline Sposto

C.Z. Sposto is a writer, actor and interpersonal communications trainer and consultant. Her consultancy is savvycivility.com

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